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Connect directly to another PBX. Before you start to configure CompletePBX, it is important that you decide what kind of trunks you will be using – SIP, DAHDI, DUNDi—Distributed Universal Number Discovery 8: Voicemail, Conferencing, and Parking—Advanced PBX Services · Voicemail, Conferencing, and Generating RSA encryption keys to exchange with DUNDi Peers 12. Setting Peer . Peers needs to be added to the PBX in order to query them and route calls. DUNDi™ is a peer to peer system for locating Internet gateways to telephony DUNDi can be used within an enterprise to create a fully federated PBX with no The PBX offers limited support for DUNDi trunks and additional manual configuration is required. The trunk name shouldUC Series User Manual. 1. OpenVox Distributed DialPlan with dundi .. This option allows for the rebooting and resetting of the IP-PBX series. DUNDi can be used within an enterprise to create a fully federated PBX with no central point of failure, and the ability to arbitrarily add new extensions, gateways Инструкция по настройке - Configuration manual к глобальным сетям (ENUM Trunk); Динамический поиск абонентов на станциях Elastix (DUNDi Trunk). I believe Boolah was the original author of this document. I happened to have printed out a PDF copy of what was posted to the forums before

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