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May 15th, 2019, 9:59 am


MSRB to Seek Input On G-23 The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board plans to issue a notice within the next week asking municipal market participants to comment on the board's Rule G-23 and The appropriate enforcement agency (e.g., FINRA, FDIC, Comptroller of the Currency, or FRB) because the MSRB does not enforce its own rules. Rule G-17 Municipal securities dealers must deal fairly with everyone in transacting municipal securities business and must not engage in deceptive, dishonest, unfair, or manipulative practices. MSRB Rulemaking for MAs. MSRB Rule G-37. MSRB How to Make a G-37 Submission Slide Deck. Instructions for MSRB Form G-37, G-37x and G-38t. MSRB Rule G-37. MSRB GATEWAY Manual. Series 50 Exam. Series 50 Exam Information . Other MSRB Rulemaking. MSRB Rule G-42: Duties of Non-Solicitor MAs - Effective June 23, 2016 The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, (MSRB), is a regulating body which creates rules and policies for investment firms and banks in the issuing and sale of municipal bonds, notes, and other Series 27 - Municipal Securities Rules. Study materials for FINRA Series 27 exam. STUDY. PLAY. Rule Enforcement. MSRB doesnt have authority to enforce the rules it creates. MSRB Rule G-12: Good Faith Deposits. Syndicate manager must return in 2 buz days after settlement. Manual Search FINRA Manual: Contents FINRA Manual. 01-23 Suitability Rule And Online Communications. but not to municipal securities. Municipal securities are covered by Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) Rule G-19 ("Suitability of Recommendations and Transactions body, to formulate working rules for the regulation of the municipal securities industry. The OCC is statutorily required to enforce those rules as they apply to banks. MSRB Rule G-16, "Periodic Compliance Examination," requires that bank municipal securities dealers be examined every two calendar years for compliance with applicable MSRB the enclosed response to the Municipal Securities Rulem

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