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May 15th, 2019, 9:52 am


The Kahr PM9 3" micro pistol is a pocket powerhouse with a lot going for it once it is broken in. It's small, light, concealable, snag resistant, thoroughly shootable and packs a considerable punch for such a diminutive gun. The PM is one of the few true pocket pistols and one of the most practical carry guns available. Kahr PM9 with external safety ?? This is a discussion on Kahr PM9 with external safety ?? within the Kahr 9MM forums, part of the Kahr Pistol Forum category; Since the introduction of the PM9 with external safety, were all of the triggers enhanced or was the enhanced trigger added at a later date Kahr PM9: Surprise! A Functioning Pocket 9mm. Chris Hill. August 29, 2017 Not really but it does provide a measure of safety and allows the gun to not have a manual safety which is a good thing. If you can't shoot a double action only trigger well do two things: take some fundamentals The Kahr K9 test. Cycling/safety: The Kahr K9 does not have a manual safety, and only comes with a drop safety, which suits the purpose of a pocket pistol. The cases flew a little bit close to the head for comfort during ejection (-1 point). The testers measured travel of roughly 18 mm in the trigger characteristics, five of which as slack, and the remaining 13 mm of take-up with increasing Kahr PM9 Review at 9mm Handgun Reviews. Just 200 rounds and you're through the break-in period of the Kahr PM9. The reliable 9mm PM9 from Kahr is a double action only, hammerless, striker-fired and short recoil operated semi-automatic light weight sidearm for civilians and law enforcement agencies as a conceal carry and backup weapon. Kahr's new enhanced trigger will be featured on Kahr models with external safeties and loaded chamber indicators. The enhanced trigger has a shorter length of pull compared to the Kahr standard trigger. The triggers on the Kahr pistols I have fired were all smooth, relatively light and stage free. Kahr offers the customer a choice of a metal or p

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